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Virtual classroom, actual learning

A10859916_10152962099300972_709553754_n significant increase in internet penetration is driving the uptake of online learning. The benefits for your business are clear…

Building the strategic capabilities within your business and plugging skills gaps is essential, particularly as tough economic conditions make survival a challenge – and growth particularly hard to achieve.

Apart from upskilling, training can be a great motivator and a means to increase employee engagement within a business. Indeed research company Gallup estimates that unengaged (read unproductive) employees in the UK costs their economy $64.8-billion a year, with only 33% of workers actively engaged by their employers.

Traditional training requires costly travel for both trainers and learners and results in lost work hours while travelling. Enter online learning where employees can learn on-site, often at their own desks. Students can also recap when it suits them, receive their scores immediately and even collaborate online with fellow learners.

The benefits are clear. Why then do so few companies make online training and development a strategic goal? “For many, the challenge of managing the process seems overwhelming,” explains Thomas Lehner, CEO of eduSLIDE, a provider of online learning management systems. “Many business owners view online learning as something that can’t be controlled and monitored effectively.”

How to manage your training

Modern learning management systems (LMS), however, make real-time tracking of trainees possible, and provide access to assessments and assignments.

“eduSLIDE has been specifically designed to allow our clients to manage the learning experience. Business owners can blend their current learning infrastructure with an LMS to keep track of all programmes on the go, and to provide a platform that is at once accessible and easy to use,” says Lehner.

“The centralisation of training on the web and huge cost savings are the reasons why more companies are choosing to use an LMS like eduSLIDE. A key benefit of our system is that it focuses on content management and not content, so in theory you could use it for delivering any kind of content,” says Lehner.

The eduSLIDE solution is currently being used by a number of local and international companies to deploy their training. Aurecon, a global engineering, management and specialist technical company, currently uses the system to deliver motivational, leadership and mentoring training to executives. While BrainWorks, a company that specialises in leadership develop in the corporate environment, currently uses eduSLIDE to deliver its online courses.

The eduSLIDE system is easy to implement. As a client you would only access the frontend interface and don’t have to worry about system setup and the backend. “We have had clients fully functional in less than a day and using the system to create and implement courses within a day or two,” says Lehner. 

To find out more about the benefits of online learning – and what it could mean for your business – contact: 012 644 0927 or email:

The eduSLIDE system allows you to:

Organise and streamline your learning environments and communities with calendars, messaging, news feeds and bulletins with instant push notifications.

Always keep learners, administrators and parents or stakeholders up to date on learning progress with grade books and powerful reporting tools.

Maximise student potential with tracked assignments, objectives and assessments.

Create your own customised, dynamic learning content with flexible course creation tools or use the pre-built learning objects with a wide range of provided templates.

eduSLIDE mobile has arrived!

eduSLIDE is on the move with the first version of our mobile application being launched on the Apple as well as Google Play stores soon.

  • Send newsfeeds, messages and bulletins
  • Complete assignments, courses and objectives
  • Take assessments in the field
  • Communicate from anywhere with your students
  • Receive reminders with push notifications
  • and much more…..

eduSLIDE for mobile is a free addition to the eduSLIDE suite and can be used with or without the main eduSLIDE system.

Have access to your students 24/7 on the move with our mobile application.

“eduSLIDE – Education Made Easier”