Decrease conventional training costs substantially with eduSLIDE


Companies face a daunting challenge when it comes to delivering effective training over a multitude of decentralised branches, as well as maintaining open communication channels to maintain the control and currency of the knowledge attained.
Bringing all the staff to a centralised location for classroom based training is not only expensive but also forces the company to withdraw employees from their working environment. More and more companies are realising that online training addresses many pitfalls of conventional classroom type training and are embracing online training combined with a good management system as their go to solution for their training requirements.

Let us look at some of the advantages of online based training:

  • can be scheduled during quiet times at the branch
  • reduces time lost through travelling
  • staff can study or refresh their training from anywhere
  • training materials are easily updated at head office level
  • training is self paced giving slower learners an opportunity to learn at their own pace
  • learner can refresh their knowledge at any time without wasting costly time at their workplace
  • training is completely accessible from anywhere with mobile applications

Some of the challenges that have been identified with online training are:

  • isolation from instructors
  • Less interactive/social than classroom training
  • cost of developing the online training
  • less control over student participation

Understanding the shortfalls and challenges of online training, we have developed an LMS to effectively address issues like isolation, interaction, cost and control.

Completely integrated with your own training environment the partnership of VTC and the eduSLIDE LMS combines education, collaboration and administration to give you a complete web based solution, resulting in effective education, decreased workload as well as addressing inherent challenges of the online training model.

Using our system your student will be part of your online training team, collaborating and interacting through our social media module eliminating the communication pitfalls mentioned above.

We have operated successfully in this arena for more than 15 years and would love to help you streamline your training strategy with the help of VTC combined with the eduSLIDE LMS.

eduSLIDE with our business partners will facilitate the following for you:

  • installation and training of the eduSLIDE system
  • access to over 1000 training titles (
  • content creation
  • custom development

Give us the opportunity and we will show you that an extremely effective training solution combined with great service does not always have to be prohibitively expensive.

Contact for a free 2 month trial on the complete system.

“eduSLIDE – Maximize Your IT training”

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